Real-Time Mobile App Security
and Advanced Threat Prevention

Next generation enterprise solutions for
Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

New Mobile Threat Landscape

As corporations are embracing mobility for business, mobile devices became the new frontier for attacks.  However, MDM/EMM security alone cannot protect your organization from today’s advanced mobile threats. Learn More

Secure Any App On-Demand

BETTER’s App Shield allows corporations to add any enterprise security controls to any mobile app without any coding or wrapping. This includes native, third party, or homegrown apps. Learn More.

BETTER Mobile Threat Prevention

Our comprehensive mobile real-time threat prevention solution is the only platform to fill all of the security gaps left open by MDMs, EMMs, Containers, Wrappers, mobile Anti-Virus and more. Learn more.

Malicious Apps, MitM, and Other Mobile Threats

iPhones, iPads and other devices are at significant risk. Hackers are utilizing new and rapidly evolving methods of attack. Download our “Introduction to Zero Trust” white paper to learn how our next generation solution is protecting these devices. Learn More.

Law Firms Face Major Cyber Security and Privacy Risks

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Law firms are facing grave privacy and security risks. Although a number of firms are taking steps to address these issues, the industry as a whole needs to grasp the severity of the risk. For firms, privacy and security risks can be significantly higher than for other organizations. Incidents can be catastrophic. Now that employees access company data from anywhere on their mobile devices, the risk has grown exponentially. Read More

Why You Should Always Verify Before You Authenticate

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There is an iconic scene in a movie where a man dressed in a long, heavy coat and carrying a large suitcase approaches a border control checkpoint. A stern-looking guard at the checkpoint inspects the man briefly and asks for his passport and ID papers for identity authentication. Calmly, the traveler pulls out the papers from his pockets and hands them to the officer. As the latter reads through the traveler’s papers, he neglects to notice how the expression on the man’s face changes as he suddenly pulls out a gun. Read More

Mobile Active Defense (M@D) and BETTER Announce Partnership at RSA Conference

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Mobile Active Defense Inc. (“M@D”) and BETTER have partnered to deliver the most robust enterprise security solution available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Today’s advanced mobile threats require corporations to deploy complete and continuous methods of defense, in multiple areas, in order to keep proprietary information safe at all times. The nature of mobile devices and BYOD has created a vulnerable and highly attractive target for attackers. Read More